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Drug Rehab Hillsborough

At Drug Rehab Hillsborough we understand that Drug addiction and Alcoholism are problems that can totally destroy the life of any person afflicted with addiction. It is all too often that normal use of drugs turns into chronic consumption and addiction. Their are no normal boundaries when it comes to addiction. Addiction can happen to anyone, affect anyone under the right circumstances. However, just as anyone can become addicted to substances, anyone can also recover from addiction when receiving the proper treatment.

In our current environment, drugs and alcohol are present in all of our day to day lives. Substances like booze, oxycontin, ecstasy and many other addictive drugs are easy to find in most areas we live and play. These types of drugs and alcohol, when used chronically over a long period of time, become tolerance and dependence/addiction. Once a person has formed a hard core addiction, it can be virtually impossible to stop using without help.

We at Drug Treatment Facility Hillsborough understand that there is no premeditation on the part of any individual to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. We also understand that anyone that is ruining their life because of their addiction has a desire to be free from addiction and clean up their life. We know that each of these people deserve help that they are in need of.

Drug Detoxification at Drug Rehab Facility Hillsborough

After a person has taken an addictive drug over an extended amount of time, a dependence develops for that substance. When dependence or addiction has developed it may be harmful to suddenly stop using the drug without professional help through a medical detoxification process. Addictive substances such as hard liquor, heroin, meth, prescription drugs and others produce a variety of withdrawal symptoms such as anger, panic attacks, body pain, insomnia, night sweats, nausea and more.

At Drug Treatment Hillsborough we provide the needed medical care to make our clients as comfortable as possible during the withdrawal process. We offer 24 hour around the clock care during this very important first step in the recovery process. Our clients commonly state that they feel a real sense of accomplishment when they have completed our detox process.

Long Term Treatment Plan

At Drug Treatment Facility Hillsborough we have learned that the number one factor in determining success is whether the individual has completely overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Success can only be measured by the patient's confidence in their ability to stay clean. Short term treatment protocols commonly fall short of this goal.

We know that it is extremely important not to be under time restraints while in rehabilitation. The time that you stay in treatment can provide a lifetime of sobriety, it is definitely worth the investment of whatever time that it needs. We address the real issues that that most likely are at the root of the addiction. We will help you to fix the problems that you have caused in your life so that you are not filled with disappointment. You will be taught life skills, coping skills and relapse prevention methods so that you are not just sober when you leave, but know how to remain clean for the rest of your life. We know that you want your life back and we are here to help you find a way to achieve it.

Relapse Prevention

At Drug Treatment Program Hillsborough we teach our patients drug addiction relapse prevention methods to help those who have suffered with the real problem of drug addiction to create a plan to prevent drug use in the future. Drug addiction relapse prevention therapies are critical when it comes to substance abuse rehabilitation. Individuals must understand different tools and steps they can take to guarantee their hard work of substance abuse rehabilitation lasts for the rest of their lives. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a persistent chronic relapsing situation if the individual is not equipped with the knowledge to prevent further relapses. This is why rehabilitation requires changes in attitudes and values, which is all part of relapse prevention. Because of these issues, rehabilitation is not a single situation; it is an ever changing process. Relapse occurs when attitudes and behaviors go back to ones similar to those shown when the individual was constantly using drugs or alcohol. Although relapse can occur at any time, it is usually more likely earlier in the recovery process. At this stage, habits and attitudes required for sobriety, skills required to replace substance use, and identity with friends and family are not confidently set in stone. With the use of relapse prevention methods taught at our Drug Treatment Hillsborough center, our clients have a much greater chance at long term recovery without chronically relapsing.

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